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Specialized Manufacturing & Sourcing

Manufacturing & Sourcing involving a critical level of knowledge .

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AI advantage

AI the main driver of emerging technologies

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About Us

Advance Industrial Materials Co Ltd

AIM, operating on the cutting edge of technology, are reimagining their business models based on the nexus of IoT, Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and Social (iCAMS). Across the highly competitive global market, business consolidations are common, with companies positioning themselves as digital businesses and platform companies. We see a focus on IT Transformation, Cloud Adoption, Innovation, Smart Appliances, Logistics Optimization while moving towards Servitization.


Our Clients Says

Working with AIM we solve complex networks of sales & marketing systems include channel partners, dealers, VAR's and Alliances, which all have a window into the end customer and product volumes of data that, when made usable, can provide a competitive edge for both manufacturing companies and OEMs.

Williams Moore

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As innovators and drivers of consumer change, A I M adapt for technological advancements by focusing on modernizing their existing systems and processes to capitalize on opportunities.