China Minmetals Corporation

China Minmetals Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “China Minmetals”) is an international metals and mining corporation committed to providing high-quality services globally, adhering to a development philosophy of “cherishing limited resources to pursue boundless development”. It primarily engages in exploration, mining, smelting, processing and trading for metals and minerals, finance, real estate, and mining and metallurgic technology with business coverage over 28 nations and regions in the world.  China Minmetals has maintained a staff force of 177,000 employees and has controls over eight listed companies in China and abroad. In 2013, China Minmetals achieved operating revenue of approximately RMB402.8 billion and total profit of RMB8 billion, ranking 192nd among the US Fortune Global top 500 enterprises and ranking 5th among metal companies.

Headquartered in Beijing, China Minmetals was founded in 1950 and had dominated a key position in China as the major importer and exporter of metals and minerals for years. Entering into the new era, China Minmetals has, through onshore and offshore mergers and acquisitions, strategically transformed from a traditional State-owned enterprise under planned economy to a modern competitive and self-supporting State-owned enterprise. Unlike the past business model of merely trading metals and minerals, China Minmetals is now primarily engaged in the vertical integration of metals and minerals operations.  It has become a large conglomerate with business coverage not only rests in the metals and minerals industry but also extends to finance and real estate operations.  At present, the Group has six core businesses, namely non-ferrous metals, iron ore and steel, ferrous mining, finance, real estate as well as science and technology.  Amongst the core businesses, the three business segments associate with metals and minerals have established integrated and cohesive industrial connection as well as  business network worldwide. The business structure and strategic planning of the three diversified business segments have been refined to promote synergy to support the core metals and minerals business of China Minmetals.

Being a member of the United Nations Global Compact, China Minmetals has been actively executing its “Ten Principles” to proactively undertaking social responsibilities. During the “11th Five-year Plan” period, China Minmetals contributed tax payments totaling RMB23.3 billion and made donations in an aggregate amount of over RMB100 million to charitable and public welfare institutions for the well-being in education, disaster relief and poverty alleviation.  It has long been the belief of China Minmetals that mutual and continual benefits for stakeholders could be achieved through those charitable activities.

The core value of China Minmetals is to provide excellent quality of goods and services on one hand and to enhance self-competitiveness and capabilities on the other. With reference to the valuable experience for the past six decades, China Minmetals strives to expedite the transformation of its business model and enhancing its self-innovation ability so as to become the largest leading nonferrous metals and iron core supplier and steel products provider in China. It would be the vision of China Minmetals to become an influential and sustainable international metals and minerals provider in future.